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Grimm and Co in Rotherham Town centre

These workshops explore our philosophy and approaches to develop exciting creative writing approaches within the curriculum. These are action led approaches which place you, the teacher, within the experience of the child/young person.


Three days a week Grimm & Co welcomes classes from schools (primary and secondary) for a morning of high energy learning workshops. The aim is to ignite imaginations, build creative writing skills, develop confidence in writing and to motivate children and young people to write.

  • Their activities result in a beautiful, authentic end product to take home, with your pupils as the authors!
  • Join the Grimm & Co community – a writing & mentoring story destination.
  • Grimm & Co build the capacity of children and young people to discover and unleash their imaginations through the joyful discovery of stories.
  • Grimm and Co inspire young people to realise their potential.
  • Grimm & Co challenge children’s expectations and aspirations.


Why Grimm and Co?

  • Make your own stories,
  • Be mentored and get help by the best in Rotherham on how to write fun and captivating stories,
  • Let your imagination flow wild,
  • Feel the joy in sharing your stories with others,
  • Get inspired and grow in your art form,
  • See and try new things and ways to get better in writing and telling your story.
  • Be OK with sharing your story and see other’s joy thanks to your spell on them!


For more info- check out  or contact

£30 turns into £60, which pays for the materials for a story-making workshops.

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Grimm and Co best children's shop in Rotherham and Sheffield
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  • 4 Hours £2.00
  • Daytime £3.50 (In after 08:00 Out by 18:00)
  • Evening and night £ 3 (18.00-8.00)
  • 1 Month £90.00
  • 2 Months £140.00
  • 3 Months £190.00
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  • We offer Permits for 1 month for £90, but the full price would be £195
  • Best save and win this month.

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