how to avoid car parking fines

How do I avoid fines and how does it all work?


• How does these cameras work?
• How long can I stay without paying in the car park?
• What do I do if I don’t want to stay? how long time do I have when I enter to decide if I want to stay or not?

• Why can’t I just park and not put in the right registration number?

These are the whys I get from you;

• I just forgot the registration number- it’s my sister’s car, it’s my old car, it’s my new car, it’s someone else’s car and I just can’t remember the registration number. 

• Does it really matter?

• The car park wasn’t full so who cares?

• I just put in the wrong number and I feel I did my best so why do I get a fine?

HERE IS WHY I ask you to double check:

When you enter the car park- the camera picks up your registration number. When you leave it picks up your number again. You have hopefully put in the right registration number in the machine. Your car registration number and the time you have paid should correspond. If you have put in to little the cameras will tell the machine that you have paid to little and issue a fine.


• Always check when you enter and when you are about to leave.
• Check your ticket.
• Is it covering the time you have been staying here?
• If it doesn- great- leave.
• If it doesn’t- please just top up your ticket and you avoid a fine.
• You can be late- stay longer than you first thought- but just make sure you pay to cover the extra time before you leave.
• You can enter the car park for 15 minutes without paying. If you stay any longer you will need to buy a ticket.

Please note the important bit below.

Your car registration number needs to be the same as the car registration number that you have put in and paid for. If they don’t correspond the machines computer shows that there is a NO pay for your stay here- even if you have put in your old car reg, your sister’s car reg etc., or you just mixed them all up- you will be issued a fine.

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