The winner of 1 month’s free car parking is

We are donating a raffle prize to Grimm & Co.

You can win 1 month’s Free Car Parking on Car Park in Rotherham! Come and support your local shops and restaurants in Rotherham. Fancy a go on our festive raffle? Fab prizes to be won! Tickets cost just 1 mortal pound, 6 magic beans, 3 phoenix feathers or half a gallon. Buy in store, give us a call, or donate to Grimm and co!
  • I believe in offering a cheaper more friendly car park in central Rotherham.
  • I believe in sharing what’s on in Rotherham town center to help the local community.
  • I believe in bringing more people into Rotherham and that will benefit all.
  • I believe in helping business in Rotherham town center.
  • I believe in giving back to the community.
  • I am a one women private owned car park and I believe in doing the best I can to contribute to Rotherham’s now and future

Grimm and co #grimmandco

Wendy Cooksey won in January and is now parking for FREE for a full month! Who will the lucky winner be in February? Hurry down to Grimm and co and enter the raffle draw! #RothSpotlight #grimm&co #grimmandco #freecarparking #carparking #carparkinginrotherham #rotherhamiswonderful #rotherham #sheffieldissuper #rotherhamcivictheatreparking. # carparks #car  #parkedcar #smartparking #carpark #freeparkingrotherham  #rotherhamparking. #parkinginrotherham #parking #rotherhamiswonderful #grimmandco #rotherhammarket #rotherhamadvertiser
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