I dream of Rotherham being great and wonderful now.

I have a dream that one day Rotherham will rise up and live out the true meaning of its community spirit.

I have a dream that we will all sit down together in companion and support.


I have a dream of Rotherham today!

I have a dream that one day people in every corner and in every street in Rotherham, will come together in a united force and make Rotherham magnetic and splendid.


This is our hope,  and this is the faith that awaits us if we join up together!

  • With this faith, we will be able to throw out the mountain of discredit and mistrust in our community, and in its place install hope.
  • With this faith, we will together be able to transform the hovering doubts into a joint effort in friendship and possibilities.
  • With this faith, we will be able to work together, to struggle together, and to stand the chance to change our lives and the lives of our children!


I believe in supporting and sharing only products and information that make a positive contribution to the community.

I believe in sharing only positive ‘things’ about Rotherham to increase the “happy’ community feeling and spirit.

This is our hope, and this is the faith that I go back to when I read negative comments about Rotherham.

I believe in saying no to offers that are not aligned with my “manifesto statement’. I choose to focus only on projects that will support my dream and beliefs of a happy, prosperous and successful Rotherham.

Would you like Rotherham to be a role model for other towns? For other towns to copy the way Rotherham is run does and progress?


Would you like to feel proud to live and work in Rotherham?

I believe in giving back to the community.






I support local charities that help and focus on giving hope and faith back into the community.

I believe that Rotherham is going from strength to strength and is a fabulous place to live, work and study in.

Let’s make Rotherham the town people are proud to call theirs.


I want to serve the community by offering fair prices on car parking in the town centre.

When you spend money by parking on Car Park in Rotherham, a portion of that money goes straight back into donations in Charities in Rotherham. I am now supporting Grimm and Co. The more you park here the more money I can give from you to them. It’s a win-win situation.

You give I give.


I want the car parking experience to be secure and relaxing.

I want you to feel that you can come back over and over and feel that this is your first call off parking in Rotherham. As you know that you are giving back to Rotherham in parking here. I will never stop donating part of the money back into Rotherham.


That’s my mission and I will always try my best to serve this community to the best of my ability.


Wonderful Rotherham - Come and shops books!
Wonderful Rotherham - Come and shop some meat!
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