Be In It To Win It!


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Car Parking in Rotherham Winner of the Month


Be In It To Win It!

Want to save £90 in car parking?

Want to have your VIP car parking bay in central Rotherham?

Do what Laura did!

Enter the DRAW! and you might just be the LUCKY WINNER!

‘Hiya Beatrice,

I’ve completed the questionnaire you sent me.

  • I would love to know what problem do I solve by offering this free car parking space to you?’

I’m currently an apprentice that attends college regularly, having this space has meant I haven’t had to waste time in the morning looking for space, which has made me late to lessons on a couple of occasions.

  • Do you find it convenient to park there?

I find the car park very convenient and have been parking there for the last 12 months prior to winning for space, so a month’s free parking was very exciting.

  • Is it a fair price if you would pay and park?

I do find it a fair price, its the same as everywhere else in Rotherham.

  • Would you recommend the car park to friends and family?

And if Yes- why?      It’s a hidden gem, central to Rotherham. It’s practically next door to Grimm & Co too, so what’s not to love?

An if no- Why?       Because it’s only a small car park, and I don’t want any more competition for space.

  • Do you feel safe when you park and walk to and from your car in the car park?

If Yes- why?              I do, the car park in central enough that I don’t feel like I’m walking out of the way to get to my car.

If no- why?                 Answer;

  • How has it helped you to have free access to a VIP car parking space for a full month?

It has, it saved me a bit of money, but also allowed me to use the library facilities at college once I’ve finished work.

  • Is it close to the shops and facilities you intend to visit?

Its central to everything in Rotherham I visit, College, Grimm & Co and Rotherham Civic theatre.

  • What was the main purpose of your visit that day?

I entered the raffle at Grimm & Co, and I did have my eyes on this prize.


    • Laura.


Be In It To Win It!


Do you want to win like Laura? and the others?

Contact us with your car registration number and let us know- that you want to take part in the Draw!

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