Check out the wonderful world of Grimm & Co in Rotherham,

Grimm and Co's merchandise display at their Rotherham store.
Meet the staff of Grimm and Co in Rotherham and embark on a journey through their whimsical wonderland.

Just a stone’s throw from Rotherham town’s centre and Car Park in Rotherham!


And this event -is all Free!


The wonderful world Grimm & Co, Rotherham town centre.


‘Go mining throughout history, and you’ll dig up tales about gems: from real-life stories of lost-and-found treasure hoards, to fictional quests to retrieve precious minerals of unimaginable power, to different gemstones’ fabled powers and qualities, gems have always been full of story-teling might.’


For this special one-off workshop we’re inviting a group of nine-to-eleven years olds to craft some brand new gem-inspired tales, which will then be showcased in a special mini-publication! Use your amazing imagination to imbue gemstones with fantastical powers and qualities, turn these into brand new characters, and set them into sparkling stories!


Check out the wonderful world of Grimm & Co in Rotherham town centre.


This workshop is suitable for children aged 9 to 11. The workshop programme is free, and refreshments will be provided.


A parent / guardian must be available to drop off and collect your child the workshops, and must complete a consent form at the first workshop.


Please note that priority will be given to children who have NOT previously attended a workshop programme at Grimm & Co.


Sat 30 June 2018
14:00 – 16:00 BST

Grimm & Co
2 Doncaster Gate
S65 1DJ


Source; Facebook page Grimm & Co

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