The Convention of the North event in Rotherham
The Convention of the North event in Rotherham

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Yorkshire venue confirmed for biggest ever gathering of Convention of the North with NP11


So today Rotherham hosted a major regional conference – The Convention of the North with NP11 hosted by Steph McGovern. Dan Jarvis, the Sheffield City Region Major spoke brilliantly.

It is fantastic to see one of the last remaining Millennium Projects host such a prestigious event.

Magna, one of our Pioneers, is such an asset to our town, incredibly versatile and the perfect place to host an event. They did us proud, and think this is the first time that I can recall that Rotherham has had a visit from a Prime Minister.

‘The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, spoke in front of northern political and business leaders at the the Convention of the North with NP11 conference being held at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Rotherham.’

Lots of talk about being bold, pushing boundaries, having ambition. Being proud of our place and valuing our assets also getting lots of support after a great pitch from Dame Julie Kenny.

Lots to be proud of, lots of opportunity to collaborate across the North – bring it on!
Jackie Freeborn
Custodian of The Rotherham Story & Rotherham Pioneers.
Chair, Women in Business



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