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Congrats! Thank you for entering the draw!

You now have a chance to Win FREE Car Parking in Rotherham town centre, on 26 Percy street, S65 1ED. 
Let’s Cross our Fingers! Hopefully You will be the next Lucky Winner!  
✅If you are, you will park for Free in our Car Park in Central Rotherham, and have a massive saving per month! 
✅ With your Own VIP place saved just for you, for 1 week or 1 months or 3 months! depending on the draw!
I first draw the time ‘you’ will win- 1 week, 1 months or 3 months Free parking, then another draw to find out WHO will win and then check if you have liked my Facebook Page 
The winner of March 2019, Laura said:
It’s a hidden gem, central to Rotherham. It’s practically next door to Grimm & Co too, so what’s not to love?”
Again, thank you for entering!
And as always,
Let’s not be average- lets chose to be extraordinary!

Testimonials from previous winners:

– ‘Yes I think it’s a good idea to offer a free months parking, and I can tell you for a fact it’s a lot easier to park in your car park than the council run one, there’s a lot more space.’  Many thanks Debbie.
– ‘I find the car park very convenient, and have been parking there for the last 12 months prior to winning for the space, so a month’s free parking was very exciting.’  Thanks, Laura.
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