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Want to know what to do? Want to know what’s going on in and around Rotherham?   Would you like to take part in and support the local activities you enjoy? Check out below!   Want to enter the draw to win one month’s Free Car Parking in Central Rotherham? Click below! https://click.carparkinrotherham.co.uk/optin-winonemonthfreecarparkinginrotherham Share on […]

We are donating a raffle prize to Grimm & Co.

Grimm & co best car park in Rotherham

  We are donating a raffle prize to Grimm & Co. You can win 1 month’s Free Car Parking on Car Park in Rotherham! Come and support your local shops and restaurants in Rotherham. Fancy a go on our festive raffle? Fab prizes to be won! Tickets cost just 1 mortal pound, 6 magic beans, […]

Congratulation to Shauna!

WHO WON? How Would you like to win next time? Congratulation Shauna! ☀️ 🤸🏻‍♀️ 🚗   Shauna win 1 month’s Free Car Parking! 🎁   I emailed yesterday all the people – Thank you! who had entered their emails addresses via carparkinrotherham.co.uk website and also you who had entered your details through any other newsletter […]

Park here and leave your problems behind!

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BEST PARKING NEAR YOU IN ROTHERHAM!   Easy parking near you!   The closest car park to Rotherham town centre and no one knows about it- Yet!  The Car Park in Rotherham is close to the Shops, Restaurants, The Theatre Entertainments, The College, the Leisure centres and a walking distance to Doncaster Gate Hospital Rotherham and […]