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Check out the bright and beautiful future planned for Rotherham!


There are three focus areas –

  • Engineering Excellence -past and new
  • Top Green Living in UK
  • Pushing New Exiting Boundaries

Check out the bright and beautiful future planned near you. Below.


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Rotherham is a growing town in South Yorkshire on the banks of the River Don, closely linked to its near neighbour Sheffield.  Iron and steel industries are the back bones of its heritage. The skill and hard work mentality is still very present, and is now once again shaping its future. Rotherham has a wealth of mineral reserves which has led to glass, brass and ceramics manufactures and engineering businesses.


The AMP, Advanced Manufacturing Park, Harworth- on the edge of Rotherham is the jewel in the crown of the Sheffield City Region and the UK.


This 100 acre site is an internationally recognised centre for engineering, innovation, research and manufacturing excellence. The AMP has some of the world’s leading materials and manufacturing technology organisations behind them.


The AMP is a dynamic business community internationally renowned for cutting-edge manufacturing, developing Aerospace, Formula One and Olympic sports equipment-related products amongst others.  It is situated just 2 minutes from Junction 33 of the M1 providing excellent access to the rest of the UK.  Just around the corner to Rotherham!


Technology developed on the AMP is already being utilised in leading edge projects, such as Formula One racing and the next generation of military and commercial aircraft, including the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. AMP is home to world leading thinking and globally respected brands such as Rolls Royce and Sandvik Coromant, as well as newer companies championing disruptive technologies.


Rotherham is already looking to the next stage of investment in high value manufacturing with the potential Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District (AMID). This will ‘supercharge’ activity already underway in the Rotherham/Sheffield economic corridor. This will build on the success of the AMP and combine research institutions, innovative businesses and business incubators with urban living= more investment and interest coming here!  This will represent Europe’s largest research-led manufacturing cluster and be a first for the UK.


Rotherham boasts ‘excellence’ in the businesses and research organisations that give it worldwide manufacturing prominence.


Rotherham has an amazing industrial heritage and its role within the industrial revolution is etched into the DNA of the place and its people.


Rotherham now intends to set that same standard for all aspects of its development and pursuit of prosperity (happiness).


This is a town and area that made things, from bottles to cast iron fireplaces. The work ethic and skills of the population are shaping a new future for Rotherham, which respects where the place has come from but more importantly is uncovering and pursuing new opportunities.


Rotherham boasts outstanding success in the businesses and in the technical research area which has given it worldwide manufacturing prominence. Rotherham wants now to include the pursuit of prosperity in developments of its Creative and Cultural Industries, from independent artists, musicians and makers, to promote the arrival of Grimm & Co, a charity that support children in and around Rotherham, as well as Digital companies working at the forefront of gaming technology.


It includes the development of its creative and cultural industries, from independent artists, musicians and makers, to the arrival of Grimm & Co or new digital companies working at the forefront of gaming technology. Rotherham has some of the top performing schools and colleges in Yorkshire, who are all helping to grow the local skills and talent that is needed to thrive.


Many people are surprised to know how green and rural the Rotherham area is, with majestic properties and estates such as Wentworth Woodhouse and Roche Abbey dazzling within their attractive landscape. It’s a farming community mixed with tourism, adding in a flourishing creative industries and an increasingly vibrant cultural life.


The place to be now!



Whilst Rotherham might have an industrial past and be known as a working town, the area is one of countryside with fantastic landscapes and views. If one just considers the borough, 70% of it is rural. So although you are next door to a city- Sheffield- #sheffieldisuper, and well located for distribution, this is a place where you can enjoy the green environment and find space to breath!


This is a fantastic place to live whether you are starting on the property ladder, bringing up a family or winding down in later life. There are a choice of places to live including new developments, in the town centre or out in the villages and countryside. What’s great about the Rotherham area is that it offers fantastic value for money, ( many from Sheffield and Leeds commute from/to here) you’re never more than a few minutes from the countryside and you have easy access to Leeds, Sheffield and the North of England.


The river will be brought back to life providing a great backdrop for waterfront living. This will build on the stunning historic architecture from the Minster to the Three Cranes, as well as recent investments in the town including the new station and Tesco development. Whilst the surroundings of Rotherham are gloriously green, the centre also boasts plenty of quality green space with popular parks such as Clifton Park which hosts the much loved Museum, Rotherham Show and a series of events throughout the year. Clifton Park has loads of wonderful events through out the year with a fantastic focus on family life and fun.


Check out the bright and beautiful future planned near you.


There’s no reason to be short of things to do or places to visit or see as this area that has something for everyone. You can enjoy the grandeur of Wentworth Woodhouse, the UK’s largest private house which has exciting plans to recapture its former glory, be inspired by the romance of Conisbrough Castle or enjoy the setting and completeness of the Cistercian Roche Abbey. You can enjoy access to country parks including Thrybergh, Ulley and the famous Sherwood Forest as well as family fun at Rother Valley Country Park-Sheffield- sailing and boat life for all- miniport electric ships, pedal and rowing boats.


If you want activity in your life, the area boasts some fantastic golf courses and many walking and cycling trails throughout the borough with the glories of the Peak District just up the road. Check out Chatsworth house! #Chatsworth #Bakewell


Rotherham wants to grow its close relationship with Sheffield by further developing and promoting the AMP and AMID creating a beacon of manufacturing excellence linked to the universities; develop stronger business links with the city and make full use of the retail, cultural and leisure amenities on offer.

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Rotherham wants to raise the bar in everything it does, from improving educational performance to regenerating the town centre. The watch word is ‘excellence’ and to achieve that the town will always seek to find the best examples of delivery and ensure they are uniquely Rotherham.


To achieve this ambition needs a ‘Team Rotherham’ approach with everyone on board and there will be a real focus in reaching out to businesses to fully engage them in the journey of creating a thriving place.

The private sector has a huge role to play in developing the town and area and shouting about what it has to offer around the world. Rotherham is thinking bigger and wider about the relationships that will determine its future success; focussing on its young people, ( Grimm & C0 – Charity- for the young ones) skills development and building on the manufacturing excellence it possesses; creating a ‘place led’ approach for what it does and ensuring that it is a town where you want to grow your life and that of your family and friends.


The town centre has a stunning heart dominated by Rotherham Minster, the Heart of Steel sculpture and with some fantastic buildings. The High Street was the Town Centre Winner of the Great British High Street Awards in 2015.


One can also enjoy the Parkgate Retail World, and the ever popular Meadowhall shopping centre venue nearby. Just a note- many say Meadowhall is even better than Westfield in London!


Check out the bright and beautiful future planned near you.


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Rotherham is wonderful and lets make Rotherham great again