Are you frustrated by paying for car parking?



You are not alone!


Do you want free and easy parking?


Would you like 1 month’s FREE town centre parking?


Are you frustrated paying car parking? Do you want free and easy parking?


Check this out!

‘Be in it to win it’


WIN 1 month’s FREE car parking by parking here!


  • To be legible simply visit & park at Rotherham Car Park and a car registration will be pulled at random each month.
  • The winner will be announced on the last day of each month on Facebook page and business page
  • Please share with others who may appreciate a month’s free parking.


Why pick us?

  • Closest Car Park to Rotherham Town Centre
  • 24/7 – always open
  • Cheaper than others
  • Monthly price Winner – “be in it to win it!” 1 months FREE parking to one lucky winner.
  • Donates to local charities
  • 1 day/ month FREE car parking
  • Family run car park


For Rotherham event news please visit our blogs here, our facebook page and business page 


If you park 5 days a week you could save at least £90.00 per month.


Please share  with others who may appreciate a month’s free parking!


The Car Park is at 26 Percy Street, Rotherham, S65 1ED, just off Doncaster gate, a stone’s throw from Rotherham Town centre.



And as always,


Let’s not be average- lets chose to be extraordinary!

Let’s Make Rotherham Great Again!

Colorful storefronts of the best independent shops near the Rotherham car park